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Early Management

Written By: Paul Steven – KCTS Lean Consultant

The benefit of learning on Innovation

In the 1990’s I worked as a Project Engineer & Project Manager for capital investments and introduction of innovations for a major drinks company, anything from smaller projects to multi-million transformational changes. Those changes in processes and machinery were driven by many things; reducing costs, complying with changes in legislation, but the most important changes for the business were innovations. As I continued working in change through 2000’s, I found that the organisations that learnt from previous changes benefited from innovations. Have you always looked forward to changes and innovation in your work or like many has experience showed that performance will drop and change is painful?

How can any organisation look forward to changes and innovation?

Early management is a process where you build communications around your business about current problems, study the details of your processes and conduct many small experiments to prepare for change. Many companies already apply Early Management. Some small experiments involving both designers and manufacturing staff deliver fantastic results. Other Early Management initiatives focus on fostering a culture of cooperation to improve the quantity and quality of communications around the business about current problems. Some organisations prioritise the study of processes in detail to understand the impact on individual components or steps within procedures so that changes can be risk assessed accurately. Will a new replacement hose’s connectors allow you to retain your changeover time? Will you need to hire more staff if additional checks are included in a new procedure?

Early Management creates a system to deal with communication, detailed study and small experiments before you introduce innovation so that you can look forward to the positive step change in performance from the next change or innovation.

Yes! You can look forward to changes and innovations with confidence using this powerful tool; Early Management.

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