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Written By: Paul Steven – KCTS Consultant

Simple Tips to Make Real Improvement Today

If you were set the challenge to introduce dramatic improvements into your business today, where would you start? Do you have a clear goal for your business? Have you written down your vision of how the business will look or feel after the improvement? Can you describe that difference clearly to your colleagues?

If you can, you are well on your way to achieving success. If not, it’s not too late. Creating a clear communication of where your business should be in a fixed timeline can require a steely nerve and determination to succeed, but if realistically set and delivered this will inspire people to follow you on your improvement journey.

Why do I mention that the vision should be realistically set and achievable within a set time? Energy and pace are needed within your business as fuel for the improvements which drive change. The energy and pace of success and deadlines gives a virtuous cycle. If vision is too far away and too difficult, support is hard won with many battles.

Once the vision is in place, both objectives and metrics of measuring success are needed. Objectives help communicate to all the senses what will be different once improvements aligned to the vision are delivered. Metrics, also called indicators or key performance indicators (KPIs), ensure that the improvements are accounted for, either in money, units of performance or a value which can be tracked over time to show progress.

So you may ask if having the vision, objectives and metrics aligned ensures that the improvements will be delivered? I would recommend taking the next step to list and prioritise the actions needed to make the vision, objectives and metrics actually happen. The prioritise actions are put against realistic time lines to create a Master Plan.

But will the plan guarantee success? Only if you live the plan! You must review it everyday. You must look at the intention of the actions and align your daily tasks. You must become an inspiration to your colleagues and lead all involved in delivering their part of the plan. Only by making small steps every day will you guarantee the dramatic changes needed for your business.

Start today and you’re one step closer to continuous improvement becoming “normal” culture. Kaizen is improving a little everyday and keeping that improvement you made.

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