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Quick Kaizen Problem Solving Tool

The Quick Kaizen tool is a method of recording our progress in solving a simple problem.

When to use it?
•    Daily meeting problems.
•    5S Organisation problems.
•    Minor stops on machines.
•    Any other problem where people disagree on the potential quick solution.
•    The problem will be typically solved within one day, and will take less than 2 hours actual effort.

What does it achieve?
Quick Kaizen gives focus to an area or activity problem and allows us to monitor the potential solution methods. This helps us to keep track of reported proof tests and to logically decide on the best solution(s).

Sample of a Quick Kaizen worksheet

Key steps
1.    Draw/Sketch the problem and add any necessary comments to clarify the precise issue.
2.    List the potential causes of the problem.
3.    For each cause, identify a test/check and how to perform the test/check.
4.    Assign each test/check to an individual and record whether each is a cause Yes/No.
5.    Agree a list of actions to solve all identified causes.
6.    Assess the risks of all potential solutions.
7.    When all actions are complete, monitor problem is solved and enter completed date.

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