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Seeing is Believing

February 8th, 2011

Written By: Matthew Treby – KCTS Technical Consultant

Have you ever been to an engineering or morning meeting when a problem is being discussed that could be a machine, breakdown or changeover? I have been to many and the meetings can turn into a long brain storming affair when everyone in the room puts forward their own personal theory on either what is happening or how to solve it convinced their solution is the correct one. Each person defends their solution vehemently to not loss face with the others. So as no one can agree the correct solution to go with each idea is tried systematically. The result is many man hours and a major investment in parts, redesign and time spent with the worst case scenario emerging that none of the solutions work.

Production Line Problem

Stop! a picture paints a thousand words and kills any confusion camcorders and cctv system are so affordable now they can be used in any Continuous Improvement program. How much better and more productive would the meeting be if footage of the problem was able to be played back during the meeting so everyone could see exactly what was happening. Even better when you can slow down the footage by watching in slow motion or frame by frame. Now brain storming is removed and a consensus on what was actually happening could be agreed on. All theories are vanquished and the solution is visible in the form of solid facts. A solution to the problem is now easy to identify and furthermore, has a chance of working first time as the team would all be on the same page.

Video and film are hugely influential in correctly diagnosing such problems. If everyone can see how the problem occurs, the guess work is avoided as the evidence is clear to see by all. People’s personal opinions can be confirmed or disregarded and the problem can be solved quickly and efficiently in terms of cost and manpower.

Many different cameras and many different ways can be used to capture problems. How do you record yours?

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