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Short Interval Control

Written By: Lee Oxton

Last week we spent 4 days onsite at a client location where we introduced one of our problem solving techniques called Short Interval Control (SIC).

Short Interval Control is all about reducing the time it takes to react to problems that may occur on the shop floor and therefore holding people accountable to the actions they agree to.

Through the monitoring of any given indicator we can highlight highs and lows, which would otherwise have been ‘greyed out’ by averaging, using short intervals of say; weekly, daily or even hourly periods. This helps to accelerate learning and improve performance.

An important part of the process is the activity board which we use to assist with the explanation of the problem. The activity board would show the performance through the shift so far and a very brief summary of the key problems.

For each problem actions are agreed and prioritised, and the top 3 are completed in the next 2 hours with any other actions that have been agreed being complete or monitored within the same shift.

Problems that cannot be resolved by the team are escalated to their management to help be resolved.

The positive impact of introducing Short Interval control to our client has been excellent, with immediate effects seen on the weekly figures. Giveaway has reduced by 1.5% and OEE increased by up to 10% on their target lines.

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