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SMED Changeover Reduction

Written By Lee Oxton

5 Phases of Changeover Reduction

5 Phases of Changeover Reduction

This week we’re in Denmark where Malcolm Newman will be hosting a 5 day SMED Changeover Reduction course. Our client is a leading global plastics manufacturer who produce a wide range of packaging for food, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Our brief is to advise on some of their production methods which include blow molding, thermoforming and injection molding as well as rotational molding, of which the company is the largest manufacturer in the world!

The Changeover Reduction course is one of the middle level Lean training courses that we run as part of our World Class Manufacturing training programmes, designed to build on other Lean/TPM experiences and to provide the skills and knowledge to help our customers reduce their changeover times on site.

The candidates who will be attending the course in Denmark will be Maintenance Managers, Engineering Managers, Plant Engineers and Production Engineers.  They will all get theoretical training and practical experience needed to lead and complete a changeover reduction project of their own.

This course aims to put the candidates on the shop floor with real factory based problems using the tools and techniques they have learned to reduce any losses of time associated with changeover reduction.

We will be helping candidates focus on “Effective Changeovers”, which covers both the reduction of changeover times and the effective vertical startup of the plant after the changeover.

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