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What Team Role Do You Play?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

By Cordell Hensley – KCTS Consultant

As part of my MBA programme I have several group or team tasks and assignments. As part of the KCTS training courses, we also split the delegates into teams for their projects. Working in teams has become a standard part of business and team dynamics have been studied by many. However, how often do we really think about these dynamics when setting up the team?

Team Working

Team Working

We are all different and diversity is something that should be valued and sought especially when constructing a team. We often think about the necessary skills for a project team in terms of; a craftsmen, someone who knows the methodology, an operator or two, maybe a specialist depending on the project, we might even want a project manager if the project is deemed to be that intense or risky that it needs someone with extensive skills in managing complex projects. All of these things are probably a normal consideration for most when constructing the team.

But what about the roles people play within the team? Not their specific knowledge or skills in terms of plant, methodology, or process but in terms of how they interact with others; the way they contribute to the team dynamic. Do we have a leader on the team? Or is it a group of leaders which may cause conflict because they all want to be in charge? Who is going to make sure that we finish the tasks and ensure they are done properly? Is somebody going to make sure that we have the necessary resources such as stationery, meeting rooms, food, sampling materials or whatever other items we may need? Who maintains the momentum when people feel tired and who will help to calm nerves and resolve conflict between the strong characters?

Sure all of these issues can be dealt with after the team is formed, and inevitably (or sometimes not) the issue will work out. But we should think about who will be in the team from the team dynamics point of view. What roles do people play within the team and how will that contribute or detract from the ability of the team to complete the objective. If we consider these issues as part of our team construction process then we will increase the likelihood of the team being successful.

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